Repower Coffs is the community energy group for the Coffs Harbour region of NSW, Australia. It was initiated by Coffs Coast Climate Action Group in early 2015, as a way to involve our community in the transition to renewable energy and take positive, tangible action on climate change, as well as supporting regional development.  While we are motivated by the urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, we also see opportunities for the Coffs Coast in community renewable energy. As the old model of centralised energy production through large coal plants, distributed through the grid, begins to break down, and we move towards a cleaner, decentralised electricity system, communities like ours can benefit – through sustainable jobs, increased energy security, more affordable electricity and stimulating our local economy. We want to empower our community to build a sustainable future.

Anyone can join our community association. We welcome all involvement or support. Contact us for more details.
Objectives of Repower Coffs Community Association Incorporated are to

  • Develop community energy projects for the benefit of the Coffs community
  • Advance the transition to clean energy in our community through renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and awareness
  • Provide opportunities for Coffs community members to participate in creating clean energy
  • Facilitate positive practical action on climate change

Our first project

Repower Coffs has received funding from the NSW Government as part of the Office of Environment and Heritage Growing Community Energy Program to support our first project, which will develop a community business model to install rooftop solar and implement energy efficiency measures for the benefit of tenants in low income rental housing in the Coffs Harbour area. This is a pilot community energy project, bringing together partners including not-for-profit housing cooperative Community Housing Limited, Coffs Harbour City Council and research students from University of Queensland.

The project will increase the uptake of rooftop solar and reduce power bills for low-income households, whilst also reducing carbon emissions.

Repower Coffs Community Association Inc. Committee Members

Convenor – Liisa Rusanen

Treasurer – Catie Dale

Secretary – Susan Doyle

General Committee Members: Tony Johnson, John Mandile