What is Community Energy?

Community renewable energy projects are taking off around Australia and the world. They are an empowering, practical way for communities to take real action to reduce their carbon emissions and take control of their own energy supply.

Community energy projects can take many forms, utilising a range of structures, scales and technologies – from wind to solar, bioenergy to water power – and engaging communities in various ways – in initiating, developing, operating, owning and/or benefiting from the project.

The 4D’s of Community Renewable Energy Projects:

  • Decarbonise – use renewable energy or low carbon technologies;
  • Decentralise and localize energy supply; and
  • Democratise governance through community ownership and/or participation.
  • Demonstrate renewable energy technologies work

(The 4D’s taken from the Community Power Agency.)

There are about 20 community renewable energy projects currently operating around Australia, with over 50 more in development. Around the world, thousands of communities have initiated their own community renewable energy projects